Visa and customs regulations

Visa information

Citizens of most European countries do not have to apply for a visa to the Emirates beforehand! The visa is free and issued at the border with the right to stay in the UAE for up to 90 days.

Persons who have a stamp in their passports from a visit to Israel can enter the Emirates without any restrictions.

Customs regulations

Banned from bringing to the UAE: are materials containing obscene content and harming Muslim morals, drugs and narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs (if you need to take this type of medicines you must have individual prescriptions), video cassettes and DVDs containing content contrary to the customs or orders of Islam.

Possession and use of drugs may lead to long-term imprisonment and drug trafficking – to death penalty.

You can bring up to 4 liters of alcohol per person into the UAE.

The purchase of alcohol on site is possible only at separate points of sale and conditioned by the possession of the appropriate permit. Regardless, alcoholic beverages are served in many hotels and clubs (although it is expensive). Alcohol can also be bought in the duty-free zone upon arrival to Dubai.

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